Faherty Friend: Jed


On a recent sunny California day, we met up with our friend Jedidiah Jenkins. Jed rode his bike from Oregon to Patagonia, chronicling his journey in short vignettes and illustrations. He’s a writer, executive editor at Wilderness Magazine and a modern day Thoreau. He's the quintessential brand ambassador because his life revolves around travel, life's great moments, the observation of both nature and humanity, and the intricate relationship between self and community. 

Read on to learn more about our favorite wanderer.


What did you eat for Breakfast? 

Hard boiled eggs and coffee and a banana. I was in a hurry.

Favorite LA Spot:

Fix Coffee in Echo Park. 

Currently Reading: 

Grapes of Wrath, again. It is so prophetic as automation and self-driving cars begin to take over.

Currently Listening To:

Matt Corby. Anything live. My God does he have a voice. 

Biggest Fear:

Someone plucking my tendons. You know, the ones under your knees. Their like guitar strings. I'm so scared of someone grabbing or slicing them. Even typing this is making me sweat. 

What makes you laugh:

People tripping and falling, especially if they're carrying lots of stuff. 

Wanting to Visit: 

Barcelona. So bad. Hopefully this year! 

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Unnecessarily aggressive drivers. Why are they in such a hurry? Why are they so mad? Why do I want to follow them and slash their tires? 


How do you know the Faherty's?

I went to Law School with Kerry, and the magnet of her heart is hard to avoid. 

What do you do? 

I'm a travel writer and magazine editor. I go out into the world and experience people and places and write about it. Best gig on the planet. 

When you hear "life's great moments," what's the first memory or image that comes to mind?

Oh I love this question. Hmm... I remember hiking in Patagonia a few years ago with my mom. She was 67 and hiked 12 miles into the mountains. We hiked together and had such good conversation and something special happened. I was inspired by her stamina and strength. 

What's your favorite Faherty piece?

This is a hard question. I'd probably say my Blanket Lined CPO Jacket. I wear it all the time, all year round. I'm gonna be buried in that thing.

Here are some of our favorite Jed quotes of wisdom:

"The journey is hard and confusing. The route is rarely known ahead of time. But this traveling through life, making choices, seeking things known and feelings unknown but heeded… these are what make us into human beings with character, with stories to tell, with wisdom. The way there is more important than there."
"I don’t want the days to control me. I don’t want the calendar to be my boss. I want a mind and soul that’s awake. In a sense it turns your hundred years on this planet into a thousand."
"When you’re a kid, everything is new and exciting... but as we get older we lose that. We’re not seeing things for the first time anymore, and our lives become routine. I wanna make it to 85 and be exhausted ‘cause I was alive every single day."


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