Behind the Scenes of our Trip to Haiti


On March 6th, 2017, nine Faherty team members and friends landed in Port-au-Prince Haiti to explore the country. We partnered with Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization that provides free education to over 2800 kids from some of the poorest slums in Haiti. In 5 days, we experienced both the country’s beauty and complexities layered deep in Haiti’s history and culture. Here is a sneak peek at what happened behind the scenes.

Paul Beaubrun, a Haitian musician who Kerry met in Haiti a few years back. We were immediately enamored by his musical talents, awesome dreads and kind heart.
Co-Founder, Alex Faherty.
Faherty President, Kerry Faherty.
Mia Woolrich, an Aussie native, Rockaway dweller, and friendly face that you may recognize from our website. She was our first model ever and quickly became a good friend.
Paul Schmidt, Mia's boyfriend, an amazing surfboard shaper (check out his brand Paul Surf), and friend we've somehow coerced into modeling for us with the promise of awesome surf spots.
Kathryn Everett, a dear friend who spearheads all fundraising and operations at APJ. She seamlessly planned our trip and showed us the unfaltering spirit and strength of the local community.
Co-Founder, Mike Faherty.
And behind the camera, Matt Catalano, our long time friend and talented surf photographer based on the North Shore of Oahu.

On a hot dusty morning, we visited Cité Soleil (City of Light)—the poorest slum in Haiti. We witnessed the extreme poverty where 300,000 men, women, and children live in dire conditions. And yet, slowly, inch by inch, dignified houses are being built. Concrete houses with running water and electricity.

Many of the kids from Cité Soleil, each day, make their way to APJ, a state of the art compound run entirely by Haitians that gives thousands of high school boys and girls the gift of education. Talking to the students, we shared our dreams and desires and heard theirs.

From Port-au-Prince, we took a small prop plane to the coastal city of Jacmel. We flew over the mountains to the southern coastal city to the tropical paradise, to explore Haiti's amazing treasures.

We explored Hotel Florita, an almost-haunted colonial hotel known for its strong rum sours and strolled it’s side streets with their signature colorful doors. 

We hiked to Bassin Bleu, a beautiful turquoise lagoon at the base of a waterfall and cliff dove off slippery moss covered rocks.


And on our last night, we surfed with local kids from Surf Haiti and enjoyed a home cooked meal of grilled lobster and fish around a bonfire on the beach. 

Haiti left us inspired. Humbled. Grateful. As a way to give back, we’ll be donating 5% of all sales from May 15th-June 30th (both online and in stores) to fund 40 kids’ education for an entire year, a teacher’s full salary, and classroom maintenance. Join us.

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