Behind the Scenes of our Spring Catalog - Faherty Brand

March 12, 2017 2 min read

In January, we escaped the NYC cold and traveled to Topanga Canyon and Malibu for our spring catalog shoot. We had a good crew of peeps: Malibu native and fellow surfer Zen Gesner, old friend and vintage van remodeler Paul Tralka, Alex and Kerry's friend from college and singer Jacqueline Becker, and childhood friend and surf photographer Matt Catalano, who we somehow convinced to start shooting clothing.

The catalog turned out awesome, but some of the best shots (and laughs) came from behind the scenes.

So, it was WINDY. We're talking 40 mile gusts of wind that literally almost blew Kerry off a mountain. Said wind resulted in many shots where the girls looked like Cousin Itt. Note to self: photoshop cannot correct shots where there's 7 lbs of hair in one's face.

During our shoot we stayed in an Airbnb up in the hills of Topanga Canyon. While we were there, Topanga Canyon Boulevard was closed which meant in order to get to the beach every day, we had to take the back roads. The back roads were so curvy, so hilly, so endless, that we all got extremely carsick every time we tried to make it to PCH. Because of this, we stopped curbside every few minutes to regroup. 

Good news was, when we finally got to PCH we ended up at Zen Gesner's family house, which is essentially a tree house meets fairy tale meets beach house triad. Zen's dad Harry is a renowned architect known for his eccentric taste and we spent the afternoon exploring the grounds.

On break, we got Mexican food. For future reference, do not consume bowls of chips and salsa at lunch and then expect to be productive in the afternoon. Case in point, below. 

With the warm ocean breeze through their hair and Paul's vintage van parked at Zuma beach, Mike and Paul decided to make their own beer commercial. It went like this. MF gets out of van. Sees Paul outside of van. Says, "Hey Paul, you thirsty?" Paul says, "yeah man." MF then throws Paul a beer. Paul opens it and takes a sip (I kid you not, they practiced this like 25 times). 

In sum, a good time was had by all. For more professional photographs, check out this.